Private Wide Area Networking

  • Introduction

    An overview of Intraspace, our services and solutions.
  • Private Wide Area Networking

    An overview of Intraspaces PWAN solutions

Private Wide Area Network (PWAN)

The top of the range, high-performance option for connecting your offices

PWAN is the secure and cost-effective way to share files and access data from sites across the country as easily and quickly as on a local network. To do this, you can either have your servers hosted by us in our data centres (in colocation), or have a server in each of your different sites. Whatever way you choose to go forward, you can expect great things from a PWAN:

  • Fantastic bandwidth, meaning you can exchange data between sites at great speed
  • A very secure network - the PWAN doesn't run over the internet but over a direct connection to Intraspace. This is why, to get the full benefit of PWAN, every one of your offices will need to be connected directly to us - meaning your internet service will also be covered by the PWAN
  • Scalability and cost-effectiveness - a PWAN can be easily adapted to your growing business and makes great financial sense especially for larger groups of offices

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