Managed Domain, Web & Email Hosting

  • Introduction

    An overview of Intraspace, our services and solutions.

Helping you make connections

Web design & development - from e-Commerce solutions to simple windows to cyberspace

With Intraspace you can have a full e-Commerce website built and fully tailored to your business' requirements - which we build on a MySQL database platform. We can also help you create vibrant communities on your website using forums built in phpBB, or give you the blogging tools to share your professional expertise, using WordPress.

Or, if you want a more fixed price option that can still be tweaked to fit your needs, you can also choose from our off-the-shelf solutions: Platinum, Gold and Professional. Just give us a call to talk through your requirements.

Domain & web hosting - a service to ease your workload

As well as hosting your website and domain name, we also ease your IT workload. Some ISPs promote self managed control panels - we don't. Why? Because this means less time for business, and more time spent on IT technical management. Instead, we take the load off your shoulders and give you full support.

Colocation and specialised server hosting

Make sure your business critical information is safe - host your servers in our multi-million pound data centres, and securely connect them to the internet.

Your servers are essential to your business, which is why we provide a state of the art, dedicated hosting environment, fitted with the highest industry specifications, including:

  • Tight security - 24/7 surveillance both on-site and off-site, regular patrols and a key card entry system. Anyone coming into or leaving the building has to show ID and log into the computer audit system
  • Back-up power systems - multiple levels of battery backup allows servers to continue functioning. We also have diesel generators on site that give enough power for at least 24 hours just in case there is a mains power failure
  • Climate control - temperature is carefully regulated to increase the performance and life span of servers, and reduce wear
  • Fire protection - early warning laser smoke detectors and automatic gas-based fire suppression
  • Water detection - we have special systems in place to detect any water leakage

Please contact us today to discuss your requirements.