Bandwidth Management

  • Introduction

    An overview of Intraspace, our services and solutions.
  • Firewall management

    Managing the security of your network, together.
  • Speed up your connection

    Improve the quality and speed of your Internet connection

Improve the quality and speed of your Internet connection

Your business depends on staying connected - but not managing your bandwidth can make your Internet connection congested and significantly slower. This in turn affects web browsing, the quality and reliability of remote networking and calls on phones run using VoIP.

This is where Intraspace and a SonicWALL firewall can help.

Keep things running smoothly

SonicWALL provide market-leading, compliant and affordable firewalls. They can help you improve the quality, speed and reliability of your connection by:

Prioritising certain types of traffic

You can configure the firewall to give priority to Voice (VoIP) giving you crystal clear sound on phone calls.

Allowing the use of multiple Internet connections

This is especially useful in areas where high speed Internet isn't available, or as a failsafe measure.

Having multiple connections means we can implement Load Balancing and Fail Over. There are several benefits to this:

  • Load Balancing helps you increase your broadband speed by using the combined bandwidth of two internet connections.
  • Fail Over uses multiple connections to give your system resilience - so when there is a failure on one line, another takes over.
  • Fail Over is especially useful when you run more than one type of connection, like 3G and Broadband.

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