About Lawyers Online

  • Introduction

    An overview of Intraspace, our services and solutions.

About Lawyers Online

All firms of lawyers use technology to run their practice and to deliver services to clients, as do all successful businesses. We all rely on technology to keep our businesses and communications running smoothly.

Improving communications amongst lawyers is, and has always been, the main driving force behind Lawyers Online. Lawyers Online is a specialist Internet Service Provider (ISP), started in 1998 by a firm of solicitors who specialised in class action law suits and felt that there should be a better way. Initially specializing in providing internet services to the Legal Sector, we have focused primarily on providing secure reliable email and internet connectivity solutions.

Intraspace is a sister brand to Lawyers Online, providing IT solutions to a broader professional services market. Over 10 years after the company was started we're still dedicated to providing solutions based upon the principles of quality, reliability and security to our clients, whether they're in the legal profession or not.

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