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    An overview of Intraspace, our services and solutions.

Welcome to Intraspace

In today's increasingly demanding commercial world, your networking, hosting and internet solutions should be able to flex to your needs - supporting your business and allowing it to grow. This is something Intraspace is ideally positioned to give you.

Not only do we provide fast broadband speeds up to 40Mbps, we also offer a full range of quality networking, hosting and internet technologies such as Private Wide Area Network, specialised server hosting, firewall management and VPN networks.

Intraspace provides solutions that are cost efficient and most importantly, secure - all backed up by our knowledgeable team of UK-based technicians. Quite simply, Intraspace gives you the tools you need to conduct your business with confidence - whether your employees work on site, or on the go, you want to host your servers remotely; or you just need a reliable internet and email provider.


Intraspace offer first-class managed solutions to satisfy your IT requirements.

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